Quote of the Week

During the mid-1930s Winston Churchill was arguing that more money needed to be spent on national defense, while others were arguing that the best way to deal with Nazi Germany was to explore through negotiations common areas of interest — preferably through the League of Nations.  In response, Churchill gave a speech to the St. George Society in which he outlined how a contemporary St. George might save the maiden from the dragon. 

“St. George would be accompanied not by a horse but by a delegation. He would be armed not with a lance but with a secretariat.  He would then propose a conference with the dragon, no doubt a round table conference, which would be more convenient for the dragon’s tail.

“Then, after making trade agreement with the dragon, St. George would lend the dragon a lot of money.  As for the maiden, her release would be referred to the League of Nations of Geneva.   Finally St. George and the dragon would have their picture taken together.”