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You can read many of Bruce Kauffmann’s History Lessons here or by subscribing to this blog. If you like his writings, we hope you’ll ask your hometown newspaper to carry his weekly column.

Editors not only can subscribe to the weekly column, they can also buy individual articles with news pegs geared to different anniversaries.

How James Madison’s indirect conversation with himself led our Bill of Rights.

Ask Your Local Newspaper to Carry Bruce’s History Lessons

Like Bruce Kauffmann’s work? Then spread the word and ask your local newspaper to carry him. Ideas:

    • Think about why you like the column. Enjoy learning new facts? Is the writing entertaining? Is the column a way to teach your children about their heritage? You can point out the benefits not only to your friends and family, but also to others, such as schoolteachers and librarians. Here’s a real chance for a public service in line with the “Newspapers in Education” program–a way for newspapers to get entire families in the newspaper-reading habit.
    • Phone the main number of your newspaper and ask for the names and numbers of the editor or editors you think would be the best prospects—i.e. editorial page editors, managing editors, executive editors. If you feel more comfortable with email, the newspaper’s Web site often will have staff e-mail addresses. To go to the paper’s Web site, use your favorite search engine and type in the name of your newspaper. On the paper’s home page look for “Contact Us” or “About Us.”
    • Of course, you can always write an old-fashioned letter and send it through the U.S. Postal Service.
    • Feel free to get in touch with Bruce to discuss the situation at your hometown paper. He’s at He may have some ideas to help you make your case. He may even know which editor to contact.

Thanks! Newspaper syndication is our way to pay for the mailing list and other services that Bruce provides at no charge to history fans.