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Your guide to American and world history is Bruce Kauffmann, who worked at CBS News as CBS News Anchorman Dan Rather’s top radio writer and speechwriter before launching his syndicated newspaper column, Bruce’s History Lessons, which runs weekly in newspapers across the country.  Every week Bruce picks a historic event that occurred that week in history and writes about it in a short (just 450 words), entertaining and informative manner. The result has been a new interest in history among readers of all ages and interests, especially among teachers who read the column in their newspapers and use the column to teach in their classrooms.


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Most Recent Bruce’s History Lessons


The Exxon Valdez Springs a Leak

This week (March 24) in 1989 the Exxon Valdez, an oil supertanker owned by the Exxon Oil Company, was heading for Long Beach, California, when it hit a reef in Prince William Sound off the Alaskan coast, spilling 11 million gallons of crude oil into the Sound’s waters.

It was the...Read More »

The Madison Miracle

This writer’s admiration for James Madison, whose birthday this week (March 16) in 1751 is arguably the most distressingly unobserved birthday in our history, stems from his role in solving the great paradox that America faced after the American Revolution.

The paradox was this:  America rebelled against Great Britain because it...Read More »

General Grant Takes Command

This week (March 9) in 1864, in Washington, D.C., Ulysses S. Grant was officially named commander of all Union armies.  Six days earlier President Lincoln had made him the first Lieutenant General of the Army since George Washington, prompting him to travel to Washington to meet Lincoln, receive his command...Read More »

Wilt the Stilt’s 100-point Game

This week (March 2) in 1962, the man many believe is the greatest center ever to play professional basketball, Wilt “the Stilt” Chamberlain, scored 100 points in a game against the New York Knicks, a record that still stands today, even though today’s game — unlike in 1962 — includes...Read More »

The Illegal Constitutional Convention

This week (Feb. 21) in 1787, at the urging of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, the Continental Congress approved holding a convention in May of that year, in Philadelphia, to address the fact that under the current government, the Articles of Confederation, America was falling apart.  That government had no...Read More »


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What Readers Are Saying

“I very much enjoy each subject matter with its insightful and sometimes little known facts regarding specific events in history.  Thank you for your inspiration and contributions to bringing history alive.” Michael Mobley, North Canton, OH

“…as an educator I think they would make an excellent teaching tool.  You get a Gold Star!!!”  Ginny Decker, Alabama

Thank you for writing this tremendous story. I have had the pleasure to read your column for many years, but I personally thank you for writing this article on Desmund Doss [link to Desmund Doss column].. -WALTER M. SOMMERS, History Docent Volunteer At The Candles Holocaust Museum on 3rd Street.


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