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A knowledge of history, especially the origins of our constitutional republic, can have a profound effect on one’s understanding of today’s politics and public policy issues. Thinking Out Loud is Bruce’s (mostly conservative) take on the modern-day issues related to the Constitution, governmental power, politics, the law, culture, religion and the like.

This is where you’ll find commentary on issues making today’s headlines, such as Obamacare, immigration, government shutdowns, the current state and future of the Republican party, gun ownership and the Second Amendment, and more. In Thinking Out Loud, Bruce deftly juxtaposes the laws and principles on which our country was founded with today’s current events and controversies — the result is what everyone is talking about! 

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Is there a news story making headlines that you’d like Bruce’s take on?  Email Bruce or engage him on social media through the icons at the top of this page, and include a link to the story, and/or your questions and comments about the constitutionality of the issue, what our Founding Fathers would think about it, or anything else you’d like Bruce to weigh in on.  Your suggestion may show up in a future Thinking Out Loud, or at the very least – incite a lively discussion with him and his other friends and colleagues on social media!

Thinking Out Loud: Trump, Obama and DACA

In his State of The Union address in 1995, President Bill Clinton said, “All Americans, not only in the states most affected, but everywhere, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens in our country.”  In an address to the Senate in 2009, Senator Chuck Schumer declared “Illegal...Read More »

Thinking Out Loud: #YouToo

I agree that men — the Harvey Weinsteins, Matt Lauers and Charlie Roses of the world — are by far mostly responsible for the sexual harassment tragedy that has long festered and was long overdue in being exposed.

Of course, one reason its exposure was long overdue is because many of...Read More »

Thinking Out Loud: Chain of Fools

Among the most idiotic provisions in our current immigration policies is the policy called “chain migration,” in which certain immigrants from the vast pool of those seeking a new life in America are given preferential admittance treatment based solely on the fact that they are related to legal immigrants.  It...Read More »

Thinking Out Loud: The E-Verify Solution to Illegal Immigration

Those of you who have patiently endured my TOL columns on our illegal immigration problem know I have mostly blamed that problem on the Democratic Party’s heel-dragging on sensible solutions, which they do based on the hope that once Republicans realize that deporting 10 – 11 million illegal immigrants is...Read More »

Thinking Out Loud: A Mile in Their Shoes

“The past is a foreign country,” the British novelist L.P. Hartley wrote.  “They do things differently there.”  Which is to say that if each of us lived in the “Foreign Country of the Past,” given its different mores, standards and beliefs, we would probably do things differently too.

George Washington, Thomas...Read More »


Read the Buzz

In Defense of Lobbyists” was the best argument I have heard so far in praise of lobbyists. Well done”. – John Hoskinson

Reading Thinking Out Loud, if anyone asks me what your real area of expertise is, I would say without question, the Constitution.” -Frank Allen

Your [Thinking Out Loud] on the stifling bureaucracy was spot on. I can only hope that somewhere there is a solution to today's stultifying bureaucratic load. Please keep on writing. You have an excellent style and you are filling a need.” - Paul F. Davis, LTC USAF Retired Chemical Engineer

Your Thinking Out Loud satire on Secretary Sebelius writing a letter explaining to the millions of people why they have lost their current insurance coverage thanks to Obamacare was both funny and sad. What a monumental mistake that was, and what a bunch of lies Obama and the Democrats told the American people.” – Mike Decker

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