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As a professional writer with a career spanning nearly forty years, Bruce’s words have contributed to many different industries. From his award-winning pieces for “Dan Rather Reporting, News, Analysis and Commentary,” to his years writing political satire for Virginia Country magazine, to his speeches for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and his many essays on historic figures, here you will find an eclectic collection of his published works that didn’t appear in Bruce’s newspaper column.

The works include essays, papers, magazine articles, theses, or just musings that are mostly history related, but often off the beaten path:

”James Madison: Godfather of the Constitution” – published in Early American Review in its summer 1997 edition, this graduate thesis on Madison is on the “Top 10” list of Early American Review’s most visited links, and is found on countless websites dealing with the Constitution and government. It is also required reading in the history departments of a number of colleges and universities. [PDF]

“If the Founding Fathers Operated a Natural Gas Industry” – this article published in American Gas magazine in April of 2010, discusses which Founders would best fit in which management positions at a natural gas utility. It also offers lessons on what talents every corporate officer must bring to his or her job, regardless of the industry he or she works in. [PDF] Reprinted with permission from American Gas Association.

“Preserving Tiger Stadium” – A speech written for the then-president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, it discusses the reasons why old baseball stadiums such as Detroit’s Tiger Stadium, Wrigley Field and Fenway Park should be preserved, as well as the interconnection between baseball teams, stadiums and fans, and the cities and communities in which the game of baseball is played. It is also a primer on the importance of historic preservation—the preservation of our man-made environment—to our nation’s culture. Reprinted on the editorial page of the Detroit Free Press it was credited with helping delay by nine years the replacement of Tiger Stadium with a new stadium. [PDF] Reprinted with permission from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


The copyright (© Kauffmann) for all works published by the author remain with the author and no works can be reprinted in any form without the author’s express written permission. For reprint information please contact the author at bruce@historylessons.net.

Writers write. It’s in our DNA. Like most writers, sometimes I follow paths a bit different than my stock-in-trade, and sometimes I need to cover a subject more comprehensively than the 450 words in my weekly newspaper column.” - Bruce Kauffmann

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