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A history “classroom” that provides little-known history facts, trivia, quizzes and more.

Bruce’s “Educational Resources” are designed to help teachers and educators, challenge and entertain history buffs, and supplement what your children are learning in school, but in a much more entertaining and personal way. These resources will examine important topics through fact sheets and fun quizzes, answering questions such as:

Who were our most important Founding Fathers and why were they so important?
What are the five things every American should know about the Constitution? About the Bill of Rights?
Who are the most important Americans that were never elected president?
Who were the most important women in American history?
What are the five most important American speeches ever given and who gave them?
In what ways was the American Revolution different from the French and Russian Revolution?
Why was Thomas Jefferson chosen to write the Declaration of Independence?
Who was the least qualified politician ever elected president and what kind of president did he turn out to be?

You’ll also find some history trivia here, such as:

Why did Abe Lincoln grow a beard right before running for president?
Where did the term “gerrymandering” come from?
Who is the only president to apply for, and receive, a U.S. patent for an invention?
Which two Founding Fathers died on the exact same day, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence?
Who was the only woman to be awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor?

Here are some lessons to get you and your students started.  Bruce will continue to add resources, so keep checking back!


This is a history “class” that will explore all kinds of history and, rather than Bruce grading you, you can grade Bruce. Make suggestions, provide input. Let’s all learn together!

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